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Can You Raed Tihs?

Can You Raed Tihs?

Screenshots of Can You Raed Tihs?

Can You Raed Tihs? Editor's Review

Can you Raed Tihs? is a simple application that scrambles and unscrambles a text.

The purpose of this application is to apply the results of an interesting Cambridge University research. The conclusion of this research was that it doesn't matter the order of the letter in a word, as long as the first and the last letter are in the right place. The explanation comes from the way in which humans read words. They read them as a hole and not by reading every letter itself.

The interface of this program is split in half: one for the unscrambled text and the other one for the scrambled text. It has some predefined scrambled texts with which you can test yourself with this application. Both of the sections have the support for Loading or Saving the text, and a nice button that erases the text.

The unscramble action is possible because the application has built in 45,000+ US English words. The whole process can't be precise all the time because there are words that have the same letters and they start/end with the same letter. In this particular case, you can click on a word and use the 'Use Selected Word' button to replace that word with another one that matches the context from that sentence.

Pluses: it has an user friendly interface, it has built in some scrambled texts that can be used to test yourself, it has a powerful unscramble engine based on a 45,000+ US English words.

Drawbacks / flaws:

In conclusion: push your brain's recovery capacity beyond the known limits by using this application. Even if sometimes it is not easy to read a scrambled text, it is possible, thus confirming the results of that Cambridge University research.

version reviewed: 2.1.0

Can You Raed Tihs? Publisher's Description

When you launch the application, an unscrambled message is displayed in the left window. If you click on the "Scramble" button, this message is scrambled (using the above rule) and placed in the right window, and the unscrambled message is removed as shown below.

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